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"When you decide to start a music lesson for your child, choose the right teacher from the very beginning as it will affect her/his lifetime passion towards music. The right teaching style for the right learning style, the right approach for the right age. Every child is talented in their own craft"


The Founder


Classique Music & Match is a one-stop-service Music website based in Singapore, for students, parents and Music teachers. Our aim is to include all relevant information of Music Education to users and saving them much time to search for information from different locations.

Our services include:

· Helping students to find the most suitable teachers in their area.

· Generating more lessons for music teachers in Singapore.

· Piano tuning

· Piano repair and service

· Selling used piano

· Exam accompanists

· Organizing concerts for students

Classique Music & Match was founded by Ms Lee Shy Min in 2013. Ms Lee has been teaching piano since 2003 privately and in established Music School in Singapore. As a mother of two, Miss Lee understands very well what a mother looking for in music education. She also understands the hectic schedule of children and parents in Singapore. Travelling to music school can be a tedious work. Some students are already so tired when they reach music school, not to mention late due to traffic. She then decided to lighten the burden of parents and students by starting Classique Music & Match with a vision “Bringing Music School to your Living Room”

Students’ Recitals

Classique Music & Match provide opportunities for students to perform on stage, meet other students, share ideas and stories, and hear each other play. It will be an unforgettable life-time experience.

Lesson Schedule and Structure

  • Music lessons are conducted at your home or teacher’s studio (your choice).

  • Music lessons are weekly basis (unless you request for more).

  • Music lessons generally last 45 minutes for beginner and longer time for advanced level.

  • If something comes up, or if you are ill and cannot attend your lesson, please inform the teacher at least 24 hours before your lesson. Rescheduling is to be discussed directly with your teacher.

Our Approach in Conducting Music Lessons

All lessons are tailored to suit the student’s style and ability. Our instructors will do their best to let students getting the greatest possible enjoyment of playing the instrument without ignoring the importance of technique, Music theory, analysis and all other useful information.

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