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Guitar Instructor

David is an acoustic guitarist who has been playing for 15 years. Originally trained in ABRSM piano, he found a new love for the more versatile guitar after learning how to play by ear. After graduation from SIM-UB with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, he discovered music-making as his calling, and has since been performing with bands at events on a regular basis. Some of the highlights of his musical career include:


  • Creation of a distinctive style of percussive guitar for accompaniment

  • Performed with Qi Ensemble for 2015

  • Performed with Teng Ensemble for 2015

  • Invited to teach the Beginner's Course at SIM Guitar Club from 2011 to present

  • Placed First Runner Up in SAFRA The Ultimate Voice in band category; with Hazel Wang.



Vocal/Guitar Instructor

Locally-based musician Yong Qing combines his sense of creativity and imagination with his musical instincts, bringing about a perfect marriage of his two passions. 


Yong Qing started his music career as a busker, performing regularly on the streets with his Taylor guitar. From busking, he was invited to perform for many notable events, such as “Suntec The Big Lohei 2020” and “TGIF Music Station”. To achieve greater heights, Yong formed an acoustic band, “E&R Live Music”, where they ventured into live performances for corporate events, and even competitions such as “Starker Music Jams 2019”. 


Apart from music, Yong Qing has also ventured into acting, taking on roles in projects such as “Dream Seekers” by Viddsee, “Not So Long Time Ago” by J Team Productions & mm2 Entertainment, as well as “KIN: Matthew’s Story” by Mediacorp. 


The all-rounded artiste seeks to tell stories through his art, hoping to impact and influence the people around him.



Guitar/Ukulele/Drum/Vocal/Dance Instructor

Being born in a family of traditional Chinese Opera, Miss Tan is musically inclined since young. She started playing the french horn and has performed at various events since the age of 9, including the Singapore Youth Festivals. At age 13, she had already learnt various different instruments, and had been selected to play in the church band both as the drummer as well as the guitarist. As her passion in music continues to grow, she have been mentoring and teaching her peers guitar, ukulele and drums even in her teenage years. 


Miss Tan had started her music teaching career in 2015-2018 under the EZOO Music and Arts studio, as well as in 2018-2020 JST Music and Arts studio. Although she also teach academy classes like Trinity and Rockschool, Miss Tan’s ultimate belief is that, learning music shouldn’t be stressful and should be more personal. Miss Tan firmly believe that Music is supposed to be fun. She believe that everyone have their own style and taste in music, and this is why she believe that learning music is a very different and personal experience to every individuals. 

She always encourages her students to be their authentic self which makes her ever so popular among students



Guitar/Ukulele Instructor

Hi there, I'm Zhengyong and I'm glad to see your interest in picking up the guitar! I am an experienced ukulele, acoustic and electric guitar instructor and I would love to help you kickstart your journey with music! 


As a teacher, I teach students learning for leisure or Rockschool exams. As a composer, I have also released my own EP too, featuring my guitar playing. With regards to the lessons, I will create a lesson plan for you and constantly update it. This is to keep track of our progress and make sure that you are getting the most out of the lessons.



Guitar/Ukulele Instructor

Shawn started teaching guitar since 2015. He has 5 years of teaching experience and he worked for a music school as a full-time music teacher for 2 and half years. He holds Diploma in Music, LaSalle College of the Arts. He studied under local jazz guitarist, Andrew Lim during his final year in college.


Shawn performed for Musical in ITE College West, SHRI Awards at Ritz Carlton, hard rock cafe and Rhythms by the bay festival. He has sent 26 students entry for the exams and 14 achieved distinctions, 11 merits and one passed. 



Guitar Instructor

Avery is currently a final year student in Lasalle College of The Arts, Diploma in Music. He has been playing guitar since he was 12 years old. He has 2 years of teaching experience and occasionally teach for music schools around Singapore. He has experience in making music and mixing them using digital audio interface. He is also able to make music scores using Musescore. 


Avery’s style of teaching mainly focuses on making students enjoy playing your instrument, giving them more motivation to practice. However, proper technique and fundamentals and music theory is also a key point learning music.

He hopes to promote more people into learning music and use their music knowledge to make music of their own.



Piano/Guitar/Ukulele Instructor

With passions in performing and teaching, Mr Faisal have over 17 years of experience teaching students from beginner to advanced level, both classical and pop piano, guitar and ukulele. He is also teaching IT music in MOE Schools and performs frequently in bars, restaurants, country clubs and hotels. 

Mr Faisal holds an LTCL with distinction in piano recital, grade 8 Theory of Music, grade 5 Yamaha Piano (teacher’s grade) and grade 6 Yamaha Guitar. He is a very encouraging teacher who always able to create good bonding with students and allow them to learn a lot of techniques in playing, ear training, understanding different genre of music and to never give up attitude.

To see his teaching video, click the link below

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