Founder, Piano Instructor

Miss Lee is the founder of Classique Music & Match. She holds certificates in grade 8 ABRSM Piano and grade 8 ABRSM Theory. She also completed her full-time music training in Yamaha Music Academy Singapore and earned a Diploma in Music.


Miss Lee has been teaching piano lessons in Singapore since 2001. She also taught in Cristofori Music School from 2003-2010. Her cheerful and pleasant disposition made her a very popular teacher among students in Cristofori. Equipped with a vast experience in handling students of different ages and abilities, Miss Lee then decided to embark on a teaching career of her own in 2010 and has been enriching the lives of children with music ever since.


Vocal Instructor

A veteran in the competitive arena of singing, Ms Miri is well versed in teaching a plethora of vocal genres. She was helmed the champion for multiple competitions in Korea: MBC Hyeonin K POP festival, Sihung city K pop festival, and was featured in notable television performances: KBS1 culture and KBS Golden compass. Achieving the prestigious certification of 1st Grade Vocal Coach awarded by the Korea Association of Music, Ms Miri established her own vocal academy where she imparted her skills to bright eyes trainees prior to her arrival in Singapore. Do not miss the opportunity to learn directly from Korean singer Ms Miri while she is here!

Classes available for all levels from beginner to advanced. 

Overview of lesson :
Building and refinement of vocalisation method, breathing, posture, hitting high pitch, technique (vibrato, dynamic)


Piano Instructor

Hello, I’m Fion. I have been playing the piano for over 20 years, and for the past few years, I’ve been giving private piano lessons to students, both kids and adults.

Looking back, it’s an amazing journey I had with piano and music.


Thanks to my wonderful teachers, I’ve attained ATCL Diploma in Piano Performance and ABRSM Grade 8 Theory. 

I believe that learning an instrument comes with extensive benefits such as promoting creativity, memory, discipline… as these are what I have experienced myself too.

I vary my teaching styles as I understand that every student learn differently. I want to maximise the learning potential of every student, and have them play and enjoy good music! 


Teaching has given me immense satisfaction as I see my students improving and responding positively to my teachings and lessons. I also know how difficult it is to have the discipline to self practice. I remember back then as a student, even when I really love piano, I still did not have the motivation to practice everyday.


Piano Instructor

Ms. Leow is a patient and nurturing teacher who believes each student will be able to excel with hard work and passion.


Being a pianist for more than 15 years, she has 7 years of experience teaching in Cristofori school, other piano schools as a private teacher. She has chosen a simple and direct approach when it comes to beginners, especially to those who have no music background. She is able to teach pop songs and classical pieces or those who intend to take up ABRSM grading exams. Lessons are easy and stress free. 


Ms Leow loves cultivating a sense of wonder about music in children and nurturing their talents with hopes that they will soar to their fullest potential and continue to blossom. She wishes to bring out the best in all her students through love and patience.


Piano Instructor

Junyi currently teaching Piano and Music Theory. She has been teaching for 3 years and her students' age varies from 6 to 15. A huge percentage of them obtained Distinctions in their Piano and Theory Examinations, some even improve from failing to getting Distinctions in a matter of months. Personally, she has been playing the piano for 11 years. She has completed all ABRSM Piano Levels and has a Diploma in Piano (ATCL) from Trinity.  


Junyi has experience being involved in Orchestras since Primary School as she used to be part of the String Orchestra. (she played the violin). She started learning the cello in Secondary School as well. Her CCA has been the symphonic band since Secondary School up to Junior College. She played the Clarinet and is still playing it in community bands ie. Novowinds until now.


Piano Instructor

Charmaine has completed her grade 8 ABRSM piano in 2017 and obtained grade 5 music theory in 2014. Currently She just finished studying her Diploma in music course at Singapore Raffles Music College. 


Charmaine have 1.5 years experience in teaching students piano. She taught at Joy waltz studio and the Happy pianist. Currently she is still teaching at the Happy Pianist. She is patient with a good attitude in teaching all sorts of students. Her fun and engaging lessons can help young children with short attention span. She also prepares students for the ABRSM graded examination and hardworking students can achieve good results.


Piano Instructor

Emmanuel studied the piano closely with Mdm Fang Yuen, Mdm Elaine Wu and Mr Ong Lip Tat and started teaching privately during his school days. He quickly discovered his passion for sharing and making music with others.


At each lesson, Emmanuel adopts versatile ways to inculcate keyboard geography, natural posture and techniques, a keen aural awareness, sensitive musicianship, contextual interpretation, theory and composition, keyboard harmony and improvisation. He helps students to calibrate their use of the different muscle groups and apply the laws of physics as they play. This enhances the technical control of the instrument and expands their ability to express musical ideas. He also provides excellent coaching for adults who are looking to rejuvenate their music making after years away from it.


Integrating his sensitive piano playing with his love for choral singing, Emmanuel is a director for school choirs. His choral influences come from Ms Jennifer Tham, Dr Zechariah Goh and Mr Nelson Kwei.


Guitar/Ukulele/Drum/Vocal/Dance Instructor

Being born in a family of traditional Chinese Opera, Miss Tan is musically inclined since young. She started playing the french horn and has performed at various events since the age of 9, including the Singapore Youth Festivals. At age 13, she had already learnt various different instruments, and had been selected to play in the church band both as the drummer as well as the guitarist. As her passion in music continues to grow, she have been mentoring and teaching her peers guitar, ukulele and drums even in her teenage years. 


Miss Tan had started her music teaching career in 2015-2018 under the EZOO Music and Arts studio, as well as in 2018-2020 JST Music and Arts studio. Although she also teach academy classes like Trinity and Rockschool, Miss Tan’s ultimate belief is that, learning music shouldn’t be stressful and should be more personal. Miss Tan firmly believe that Music is supposed to be fun. She believe that everyone have their own style and taste in music, and this is why she believe that learning music is a very different and personal experience to every individuals. 

She always encourages her students to be their authentic self which makes her ever so popular among students


Piano/Violin Instructor

Vivienne has been learning the violin at the age of 7 and the piano at the age 10. Over the years, she has garnered awards and medals from music festivals she participated in Malaysia, Singapore, Manila and Hong Kong. The most remarkable experience was when she and her other teammates won first prize in ‘Euroasia Strings Competition’ in Kuala Lumpur under the ‘ensemble’ category. Her highlight achievements were receiving two awards from Trinity College London as the ‘Highest Distinction’ in her home country, Brunei Darussalam, for both violin Grade 6 and 8 during the year 2015 and 2017, respectively. 

She is also very active in the music scene in Brunei and have been invited to performances for a charity event ‘Roots and Wings’ and an empowerment program ‘Youth Empowerment Conference’. Moreover, she was chosen to perform for ‘Brunei Young Musicians’ organized by Brunei Music Society, which is well known among the music community, for 3 consecutive years as a pianist soloist. Other than an active performing musician, she also has a teaching experience under an established music school for a year.


Guitar/Ukulele Instructor

Hi there, I'm Zhengyong and I'm glad to see your interest in picking up the guitar! I am an experienced ukulele, acoustic and electric guitar instructor and I would love to help you kickstart your journey with music! 


As a teacher, I teach students learning for leisure or Rockschool exams. As a composer, I have also released my own EP too, featuring my guitar playing. With regards to the lessons, I will create a lesson plan for you and constantly update it. This is to keep track of our progress and make sure that you are getting the most out of the lessons.


Guitar/Ukulele Instructor

Shawn started teaching guitar since 2015. He has 5 years of teaching experience and he worked for a music school as a full-time music teacher for 2 and half years. He holds Diploma in Music, LaSalle College of the Arts. He studied under local jazz guitarist, Andrew Lim during his final year in college.


Shawn performed for Musical in ITE College West, SHRI Awards at Ritz Carlton, hard rock cafe and Rhythms by the bay festival. He has sent 26 students entry for the exams and 14 achieved distinctions, 11 merits and one passed. 


Piano Instructor

Ivan has been a private piano teacher since 2017 and began teaching as he wished to share his passion for the instrument with as many people as possible. He has, since, gained experience teaching students of varying proficiencies – from beginners to intermediate-advanced students – and teaching several styles – pop, jazz, improvisation, how to play by ear, and accompaniment. He plays the piano for his church and plays the keyboard in a band – experiences which have largely shaped him as a pianist and a musician.


As a teacher, Ivan constantly tries to allow the student to enjoy the instrument as much as possible by having fun.


Piano Instructor

Zhi Min holds ABRSM Grade Piano 8 and Kinder Beat Encore Music Education, Teacher Training Certificate. Additionally, she obtained Bachelor Degree in Psychology from NUS.

She is a passionate music educator and specialises in nurturing young minds ranging from 4 to 60 years old for leisure and graded exams. She also engaged by MOE to conduct music education in Primary schools.

As an experienced teacher, she understands that it is quintessential to accelerate student’s learning. She firmly believes in imparting music creatively through her unique teaching approach so that students are able to play and appreciate music while having a good foundation. She also customises lessons based on students’ pace to ignite interest and motivation.

She has also held recitals for students, giving them exposure to performance opportunities.

Ultimately, she believes in realising the potential of each student while imparting joy and beauty of music through patience and passion.


Piano Instructor

Based in Balestier vicinity, Fenny has been teaching piano for more than 12 years. She holds a performance diploma from Trinity College London (ATCL) and a teaching diploma from The ABRSM (DipABRSM). She believes that there is music in every child and her job is to find and nurture it. It is her teaching goal to develop a lifelong enjoyment of music that goes beyond the exam syllabus. She customizes each individual student’s lesson according to his unique individuality and learning style. While she specializes in preparing students for graded piano exams and music theory, she also teaches adult students who learn for leisure. 


With her dedicated and all-rounded teaching, most of her students achieve high scores and distinction in examinations. And most importantly, all of them find joy in music.


Piano Instructor

Gracia Teow Cheng Mun is a Classically-trained pianist and is currently in her final year of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Music, at the School of Contemporary Music, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. 


She is an avid performer who has performed at various concerts and masterclasses over the years. Gracia is also an experienced music educator who has taught students in both one-to-one and classroom settings. Currently, she runs Gracia’s Music Studio where she provides private piano and music theory lessons, as well as music accompaniment services to instrumentalists and singers. Being a diverse and versatile pianist, Gracia has also collaborated with other musicians in performances and production of original music.


She will be graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in May 2021, and intends to pursue a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance and Music Education in the future.


Piano Instructor

Growing up in a performing arts environment, Angeline is versatile in both ballet and music. She enjoys teaching piano as it feels good to be able to help students to achieve their goals and understanding of music. She cares a lot about student's mental wellbeing as she believes it is our minds and emotions plays a huge role in achieving or doing something. She thinks that with that learning journey, we can understand more about ourselves and learn how to improve ourselves as a person too.


Currently she is pursuing diploma level for piano and learning vocal and guitar at the same time. During her free time, she enjoys writing songs and doing ballet too. Angeline always believes that learning should never stop and one should always strive to improve. Likewise, she hopes to be able to impart the same values to her students, and let them see the beauty in learning and music.


Piano Instructor

Vera has been teaching the individual piano lessons in Cristofori Music School since 2014 and embarked on private teaching in 2017.  Vera has been teaching kids as young as 4 years old to working mothers over 40 years old.  She has experience in teaching the ABRSM syllabus as well as leisure learning pieces.

Vera believed in the theory of grit that anybody can learn and pick up an instrument if you dedicate yourself to practice. Vera loves to explore different genre of music with students and encourage students to learn pieces beyond just exam pieces.  At the end of the day, Vera wanted her student to enjoy the process of learning and making music together during lesson time.


Piano Instructor

Ms. Chieng Lee Zse has been teaching piano and music theory since 2005. A passionate piano teacher, she teaches students of all ages and works well with young children. She actively doing accompaniment for various instruments for examinations, performances, and student’s recitals. She is teaching at a music school and teaches private lessons too.


Ms. Chieng holding a bachelor degree in music from UK. She attained Trinity LTCL and under preparation for ABRSM FRSM. She is learning Cello as her minor instrument and preparing Grade 7 now.


Guitar Instructor

Avery is currently a final year student in Lasalle College of The Arts, Diploma in Music. He has been playing guitar since he was 12 years old. He has 2 years of teaching experience and occasionally teach for music schools around Singapore. He has experience in making music and mixing them using digital audio interface. He is also able to make music scores using Musescore. 


Avery’s style of teaching mainly focuses on making students enjoy playing your instrument, giving them more motivation to practice. However, proper technique and fundamentals and music theory is also a key point learning music.

He hopes to promote more people into learning music and use their music knowledge to make music of their own.


Piano Instructor

Ms. Hailey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. She has been teaching ABRSM, Rock School, and Suzuki Piano syllabus for years. Her students play a wide range of repertoires from classical to pop and jazz. She is planning to organise regular mini concerts for students in the future.


She was previously teaching at a reputable music school in Singapore and was also a resident pianist for prestigious hotels. She welcomes passionate students of all ages and levels. 


Piano Instructor

Mr Tan is an experienced teacher and musician with more than 17 years teaching experiences. He holds ABRSM LRSM in Piano performance and grade 8 theory. Mr Tan has worked with adults and children of all ages and abilities, from beginner to grade 8 piano and theory and diplomas (ABRSM, ATCL and LTCL). He is also an appointed IPVAEB Music examiner.
He is completing his MA (Mus) from open university UK, by December 2020.

Mr Tan is a friendly, dedicated and motivating teachers who is willing to travel to different locations through Singapore to teach and impart his skills to his students.

To see his teaching video, click the link below 


Piano Instructor

Ms Alison offers classical piano lessons at her home studio on Yamaha CX1 grand piano. With more than 10 years of teaching experience, Ms Alison has a unique approach towards children and kids. Every lesson is tailored to individual student’s needs. She holds ABRSM grade 8 Piano and Trinity grade 8 Theory of Music, and she is completing her ATCL soon, under tutelage of Dr.Rickie Oui.

She observes class by Julie Tan (SMTA) and loves to research new way of teaching especially to young kids. She believes listening and appreciation is key to young kids. 

To see her teaching video, click the link below


Drum Instructor

John is a fun-loving, humorous, friendly and extroverted person who loves working and interacting with people of all ages. He enjoys researching and discovering new drumming techniques, ideas and information from various resources to pass on to his students. John teaches not only the basics of drumming from tutorial books, but also playing technique, study discipline, playing free-form, playing creatively and understanding music. He also encourages students to take graded exams, and prepares them for it.

Besides teaching, John performs regularly at various well-known clubs in town with his own band, and has been performing professionally for 30 years now. John also posseses a distinction pass Advanced Level Grade 6 Drumset Performance exam certificate from Trinity College London in the UK.

To see his teaching video, click the link below


Piano Instructor

Joshua has been teaching piano for more than 10 years. He holds four music certificates from the ABRSM – Advanced Certificate Piano, Grade 8 (Piano and Theory) and Grade 5 in Jazz Piano.

Joshua has a wonderful personality and caring towards kids. He has never failed to make his students having fun and picking up good playing technique at the same time. Most of his students can’t wait for Joshua to knock at their door every week to spend time with him and to move forward on their piano journey. Not only kids, He is also a very motivating teacher towards his adult students. He believes that it’s never too late to pick up an instrument. Outside of teaching, Joshua is also a regular performer at various events.

To see his teaching video, click the link below


Piano Instructor

Miss Caroline started teaching piano since 2006. Her students age ranges from 4 to 50. She has passion in music and always try her best to instil the love of music in every student she teaches. She has been constantly upgrading her music qualifications from the year she started teaching piano and graduated from University of Sheffield in January 2018, gained Master’s qualification in Music Psychology in Education, with the thesis research on early music education relating to musical memory in young children.

She believes music shapes personality and makes us a balance and well-rounded person.


Piano Instructor

Ms Tan started her full-time teaching career in one of Singapore leading Music school in 2003. When she had her first baby in 2008, she decided to teach privately. She holds a Diploma in Music from Yamaha Music Academy, Singapore, and ABRSM grade 8 in Piano and Theory. Besides teaching, she performs as accompanist for singers and instrumentalists. She occasionally transcribes orchestra score to solo piano for her students to perform.

Due to her many years of teaching Classical Piano She has a certain standard she expects from her students. Ms Tan is a very detailed Classical Piano teacher and one of the sought-after classical piano teachers in Singapore.


Piano/Violin Instructor

Our patient Ms Rezia offers Classical piano and violin lessons for all ages, from beginner to advanced. She is an ALCM (London College Music, UK) Diploma holder in Piano performance. She has also completed her grade 8 ABRSM (Practical and Theory) for Piano and Violin and is now pursuing her Diploma in Violin.

Ms Rezia has a well-rounded approach to teaching piano and violin, focusing on enjoyment but not forgetting the importance of technique, and caters to her student’s musical interests and learning styles. She is open for classical or leisure pop songs.


Piano Instructor

Ms Jennifer is a well-established teacher with more than 20 years of experience in both Piano and Music Theory. She also coaches MEP students on how to compose and set art songs for their O-level music. She has conducted many music teaching seminars and workshops for teacher in the past. She holds a Bachelor Honours Degree in Music from Kingston University, England. She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Principle of Teaching and Pedagogy from the University of Malaya.

Given her long experience as a professional musician, she offers a varied range of tuition from grade 1-8 ABRSM (Piano and Theory), Diploma in Piano performance and teaching, LRSM, ATCL and LTCL.


Piano Instructor

Ms Eng holds ABRSM Diploma in Piano Performance and Diploma in Music from Yamaha Music Academy, where she had a 2 year-full-time study. She has ABRSM grade 8 (Piano and Theory) and Yamaha grade 5 (teacher’s grade) in Piano performance and fundamental.

Ms Eng was teaching as a full-time teacher in Yamaha Music Singapore from 2004-2007. She covers both Individual lesson and Yamaha Group Lessons. She offers a unique learning experience and real enthusiasm for every lesson. She put a lot of planning into each lesson to allow her pupils to get the most out of their time. Ms Eng is happy to teach ages 4 and upwards, grade 1-8 piano and theory.


Piano Instructor

Miss Chia is a full-time music educator, providing both Early Childhood Music Education to toddlers (aged 0-4) and individual piano lessons from beginner to advanced. She has a Bachelor degree in Music, from Monash University, Australia, and has a wealth experience both teaching and performing. She enjoys performing ensemble works with other instrumentalist.

Miss Chia would take opportunities to improve her music teaching, finding ways to teach proper methods and assists students to achieve better results in their journey of learning music.


Piano/Violin Instructor

Ms Nicole is an experienced and fully qualified music teacher and have been teaching for more than 13 years. She holds a Bachelor degree in Music Education from University Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysia. She teaches Piano, Theory of Music, Violin and Viola, from beginner to grade 8.

She upgraded herself by taking part in Music World Conference, Teacher Training programme and also had been under the guidance of one of the SSO Senior violinist. She believes in the term “you reap what you sow”, and the persistence is the key to be successful in the music journey.


Piano/Guitar/Ukulele Instructor

With passions in performing and teaching, Mr Faisal have over 17 years of experience teaching students from beginner to advanced level, both classical and pop piano, guitar and ukulele. He is also teaching IT music in MOE Schools and performs frequently in bars, restaurants, country clubs and hotels. 

Mr Faisal holds an LTCL with distinction in piano recital, grade 8 Theory of Music, grade 5 Yamaha Piano (teacher’s grade) and grade 6 Yamaha Guitar. He is a very encouraging teacher who always able to create good bonding with students and allow them to learn a lot of techniques in playing, ear training, understanding different genre of music and to never give up attitude.

To see his teaching video, click the link below


Piano Instructor

Ivan is an associate music instructor and was a lecturer and music teacher at SAE Institute and Manning Music Centre. He holds a Bachelor of Art Honors in Audio Production from Middlesex University, a diploma in music from Lasalle College of the Arts, a diploma in Higher Education specializing in piano performance and teaching, and ABRSM grade 8 in Piano and Music Theory. He also tracks music and arrange music for albums.

Ivan has been teaching since 2008 from beginner to advance and cater to special needs students, too. He was involved in various music events of superstars such as Dragonfly, S.H.E, Jeff Chang, David Tao World Tour concert and Olympics Opening and Closing 2008. He has taught in 37 MOE schools.


Drum Instructor

Justin holds a Diploma in Audio Engineering and Trinity Rock and Pop Grade 8 Drums with Distinction. He endorses TRX Cymbals SG.  He is well-versed in teaching students of all ages and had taught students with special needs. He is an AMIS and NAC AEP certified instructor and conducts music lessons in various MOE schools and teach privately. He has also attended the Essentials of Teaching and Learning course by NIE. 

With more than 7 years of teaching experience, Justin has shown dedication to his craft which inspires his students. Till date, his students obtained 100% passes in their exams. Justin's mandate is to ignite creativity in people's minds through music and to inspire generations through it.


Piano/Vocal/Accordion Instructor

Krasi began her teaching career in Bulgaria over 18 years ago and for the last 12 years she has been teaching in Singapore. She holds a Bachelor of Pedagogy of Music Training from Shumen University Bulgaria. She is very well versed in a variety of music disciplines including History and Theory of Music, Voice, Orchestration, Harmony, Choir conducting, Piano and Accordion. During her teaching career in both Bulgaria and Singapore, she has been organizing various music concerts, school events and leading school music projects.

Majority of her students in Singapore who sit for the ABRSM exams have been consistently successful in graduating with either a merit or distinction. With her pedagogy training and extensive experience, Krasi have designed a special music program for kids as young as 2 to 4 years of age, and deliver successful outcomes.

Krasi offers Piano, Vocal and Accordion lessons online.


Piano Instructor

Michelle Chan (Bmus, DipABRSM, ATCL (TD), LTCL) is a freelance piano teacher based in Singapore. She has more than 15 years of piano teaching experience since 2004. As a passionate music teacher, she has attended several teachers’ seminars to hone her teaching skills.

All of her students, from grade 1 to diploma level, have aced their exams with her guidance. Besides helping her students with their exam preparations, Michelle organises annual students’ recitals regularly, and conducts group lessons on music history to foster music appreciation in her students. She encourages students to take part in public performances and music competitions.

Currently, she is working on her fellowship in performance with Mr. Simon Soh. She is also an appointed IPVAEB Music examiner.


Piano Instructor

Charlotte holds a Bachelor of Music from Queensland University of Technology. She has experience teaching students from age 4 to adults. She believes that musical education is a creative process where the educator must strive to provide a conducive environment to cultivate the love for music in her students. It is creative because no two students are the same, every student requires the educator to acquire a good understanding of their personality and work around them.

Passion and interest often drive a child's learning capacity and the eagerness to work on a difficult routine. Any successful education model will always depend on an educator who strives to formulate the chemistry and provide a well-balanced environment for every unique student.


Piano Instructor

Rebecca started music teaching in 2008. Her students from different ages and skill levels from variety of musical styles, including jazz, blues, classical and coaching students towards taking examinations and performing live on stage.

In her music teaching career, most of her students started their music journey from beginner with her and completed their ABRSM Grade 8.

She believes having a great passion for music will keep my motivation of hardworking in piano teaching. Her passion in piano teaching is that not just let students learn the music notes and rhythm but also cultivate student’s appreciation in music art. She preferred an effective variety of specialist teaching techniques to make lessons fun and enjoyable.;-)


Piano Instructor

Ms. Tanoto is a full-time piano teacher. She has been teaching since 2000 till now. She pursued her music education at Yamaha Conservatory of music in 1994, completed both practical and theory Grade 8 (ABRSM) and continued LLCM (London College of Music) in teaching. 

She believes every child has a different learning pace, keep encouraging and always motivate her students to practice regularly, works together with them to achieve their grade 8 piano.

She organized annual students concert with other teachers since 2010. This recital gives the students a platform to motivate themselves by watching other students’ performances. Students will be motivated to practice more for their recital and also driven to learn new pieces after the recital. Regular performing will give the students a sense of achievement and recognition that they deserve for their hard work.


Piano Instructor

As a piano lover, Vivian is an experienced and fully qualified music teacher and have been teaching for more than 20 years. She started her full-time teaching career in Yamaha Music School (Malaysia) in 1990 and she started her teaching career in Singapore since 2001.

She holds ATCL piano performance, CT ABRSM, Grade 8 Theory in Music. She teaches in different ages and skill levels from beginner to advanced level and variety of musical styles, including Jazz and Blues. She also teaches both classical grades ABRSM syllabus - for exam/non-exams (kids and adults) both practical and Theory.


Piano Instructor

Teacher Huiyan has been teaching private piano since 2013 and is equipped with LTCL in Piano Performance with Distinction and ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory. Teacher Huiyan is experienced and patient with children and adults (aged 4 and above). Throughout her years of teaching, she has helped several students regain, build and sustain interest in piano.


Using self-typed scores, her lesson plans are suitable and able to accommodate each and every student’s learning ability and needs. She creates enjoyable lessons for students as she exposes them to wide range of music, from Classical to Pop, and even Game and Anime OST. Teacher Huiyan has also sent her students for public performances and competitions (Both locally and internationally) and won awards.


Piano Instructor

Life is like a piano, music is my passion. I dedicate my free time to inculcate the essence of music as a piano teacher. My students have achieved high rate of distinction in exams, as well in other aspects such as play by ear and improvisation.

Besides piano, I am also skilled in keyboard, guitar, vocal and trombone. These skills allow me to have a wider field of music experience and broaden my ways of teaching music.

In a nutshell, I have 10 years of piano teaching experience, performed for various weddings and events, and 2 years of piano accompanist experience for ballet and vocal classes.


Piano Instructor

Ms. Lam is an experienced private piano teacher and has been teaching since 2015. Having completed her ABRSM Grade 8 Piano practical and theory, she is also expected to finish her ATCL Diploma by mid-2021.

Ms. Lam has been teaching both students sitting for ABRSM graded exams as well as those learning for leisure. Besides being a patient and friendly teacher, she is also experienced with teaching students of all ages. 


Violin Instructor

Xin Jie completed her ABRSM Violin Grade 8 at 12, and moved on to perform in group and solo competitions, ranging from small scale performances in school stages such as the Singapore Youth Festival & Singapore Raffles International Music Festival to large scale performances at Esplanade. 

She has been the section leader of different schools’ string ensemble and orchestras for up to 6 years and a part time tutor for up to 2 years. Hence, she is confident of her ability to play as well as to teach and guide your child as he embarks on this music journey.

She is a current active member of orchestras and music camps and now serves as the Concert Master and Violin I Principal Player of the NUS Symphonic Orchestra.


Violin Instructor

Joanne specialized in violin teaching and performing. She graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore in 2020. She is a Music degree holder as well and graduated from Northeast Normal University in China, ChangChun in 2001. She is familiar with ABRSM violin practical exam Grade 1 to Diploma, theory Grade1 to 8. 


She has over 18+ years of teaching experience in a local private music school. She is patiently teaching and interacting with the students (6yr old onwards). Students are enjoying the fun between learning and teaching at each lesson.


Piano Instructor

I will tailor my teaching style according to my students' requirement. I believe that everyone should enjoy music and I will try my best to strike the balance between fun and learning. I hope my students will enjoy learning the piano, learn and appreciate the beauty of music. 100% passes for all my students who went for exams (ABRSM).


Piano Instructor

Rachel has been playing the piano for close to 20 years and holds certificates in ABRSM Grade 8 Practical and Grade 5 theory. She is currently studying Grade 6-8 theory and DipABRSM. She also studied Music at the GCE O levels under the Music Elective Program, receiving an A. She currently has both adult and young learners under her, learning both leisure and graded exams.


She can teach both classical and pop genres. She is motivated by getting her students to become fluent with the piano and gradually acquiring a strong interest in it. She is approachable and can interact with everyone from all walks of life. In her free time, she enjoys researching on learning materials and teaching techniques to be a better teacher. She is very well versed in using online e learning platforms to give online piano lessons.


Piano Instructor

Nicole started teaching piano since 2009 then she learn that it's her favourite thing to do. Along the way of learning, she met lots of like-minded piano lovers and mentors whom inspired her to become who she is today. She has 16 years of piano playing experience and her students range from as young as 4 to 50 years old. She has experienced in doing piano practical and music theory group classes as well as individual classes. 


She specialises in performance training, competition training, techniques, rhythm, independent learning and music theory. All her students under her attained 100% passes. She also host annual recital performances for all her students.


Piano Instructor

Ms Chin started her career as a full time piano teacher since 1988 and served long term as a part time teacher at Kawai music school from 1988-2014, before and after her overseas studies. She teaches piano practical from beginner to diplomas level.

Ms Chin holds a Bachelor degree in Music Teaching. She completed her first 2 years piano pedagogy course in UWA, Perth and transferred to NTU at Darwin for further training in group children music classes. During her final year of studies in Australia, she conducted music appreciation classes at the University’s childcare centre beside giving individual piano lessons, piano accompaniments, assisting in group music appreciation and theory classes at the University’s Centre for Young Musicians. She is a MOE registered piano teacher and also a certified instructor under Singapore Ministry of Education’s Art and Music Instructors Scheme (AMIS) (MUSIC).


Piano Instructor

Aloysius has been playing the piano since he was seven years old, and has been teaching freelance since 2016, with experience teaching young children, teens and even young adults. His passion for music made him join the symphonic band during his secondary school years. Playing the French Horn, he has participated in several concerts, performing both the French Horn and piano (accompaniment). He has also performed in a few piano recitals over the years, playing both pop and classical songs. 

He has certificates of ABRSM Grade 8 practical and ABRSM Grade 5 theory, with experience of teaching kids as young as 5 years old. His patience and understanding of young minds will surely help any child develop and hone their technical skills and increase their interest in music.


Piano Instructor

Xin En always had a strong passion for music and has been playing the piano for 14 years, since she was a young child. She believes that learning to play the piano is not just about getting the right notes but also learning to interpret the music, bringing the music to life with emotion, style, and dynamics.


She hopes to instill her love for the piano in her students, and teach them how to get the fundamentals right, so that they may go on to play beautiful pieces that they love in the future.

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