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Match Students to suited Teacher

Free Service

Classique Music & Match assists students to connect with their most suited music teacher in their area with no admin charge. Totally FREE! We'll select a teacher for you based on your needs and interests.

Get in touch with us now and start your lesson immediately.


Exam/lesson Accompanists


Classique Music & Match provides highly skilled pianists who are available to accompany your recital, music exam, lesson and rehearsal.

Let us know your inquiries and start your practice soon.


Piano Tuning


There is something special about playing or listening to a newly tuned piano. The sound is just as nature intended, feels just right and allows you to slip into musical euphoria. We can help you return to this ideal state.

Price range:

• Upright – from SGD 80

• Grand Piano – from SGD 115

It may takes approximately 1-2 hours for the technician to complete the job.

Call us now to get your piano tuned immediately.


Piano Repairs and Servicing


We repair and service all makes and models of uprights and grand pianos. Our technicians have all the knowledge and tools to do all kinds of repair to your beloved instrument.

Our services include:

• Restringing

• Soundboard repairs

• Repairs or replacement of dampers and hammers

• Repairs to your piano keyboard action

Price may vary depending on the condition and the age of the instruments.

Call us now and we will be happy to assist you.


Second hand Piano


Classique Music & Match is more than happy to help students to get pianos within their certain budget with the highest quality possible. All the pianos have passed the quality assessment and are perfectly refurbished by our professional technician.

Get in touch with us now and bring home your piano.


Bring More Students to Teachers


CMM is a music website created by professional musicians and music teachers in Singapore. We will let you connect to students from all over Singapore, based on your schedule and preferences. We sincerely hope that our platform will be of use in enabling you to generate more lessons.

Our policy is based on a one-time commission payment. A 50% fee will be deducted on the first month tuition fee (4 lessons) per student. On the second month onwards you will have the 100% full payment all to yourself

Send us your professional profile and picture.


We will do the rest for you. Email:

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